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Jul 03 2010

Back in OK to Stay (…at least for now)

I’ve been home in Tulsa, OK for three weeks now, and here’s what’s gone down: Week 1: Wedding festivities for my bestfriend, which meant HUGE reunion of good friends; girl time, lake time, and lots of dancing! (I love you McKenna! God bless you and Paden in your new marriage!) I also spent a lot…

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Jun 04 2010

Coming to a Close

price cialis black cialis 15 mg generic propecia us yasmin birth control Just last night, I was “inducted” as an official Teach for America Alum. In 5 more days of teaching, and 10 more days altogether, I will be back in Oklahoma. Lots to process here. It’s bittersweet of course, and weird (for lack of…

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May 03 2010

Next Steps

yasmin 21 comprimidos cialis 800mg Good news… I GOT THE JOB AT WESTERN VILLAGE FOR THE 2010-2011 SCHOOL YEAR!!! I found out on Friday afternoon, April 30th, and of course got off the phone and jumped around my art classroom at Hope. haha- GREAT news! Looooong-awaited news! Praise be to God! I will be the…

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Apr 17 2010

Duke Ellington High School

prednisolone liquid valtrex weight gain cialis jaw pain cialis sublingual order Oh my goodness! I completely forgot to mention this in the post I just wrote, but it deserves it’s own chapter… I got to go to Duke Ellington High School on last Friday with one of my 8th grade girls who JUST GOT ACCEPTED…

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Apr 17 2010

Spring 2010 Has Arrived!

valtrex for canker sores buy cialis overnight shipping cialis oral jelly uk prednisolone 5mg side effects Post below written about March 20th: This past Saturday was the most glorious, sun-shining day in DC- and it just happened to be the first day of spring! I got outside for one of my runs down the National…

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Feb 27 2010

I can taste it! Spring & other good thangs…

valtrex directions prednisolone croup cialis sublingual without prescription cialis 3 day pill Spring is just around the corner… I can taste it! My good friend, Caroline Bickley, who is a Kindergarten teacher at my school, a fellow Teach for America corps member, and my carpool, is about to go enjoy the sunshine with me, now…

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Feb 12 2010

Thoughts After the Snow

So, I missed an ENTIRE week of school, due to the MAJOR Blizzard the entire Northeast coast received- reeking havoc on DC, Virginia, Maryland, the Carolinas, Pennsylvania, New York, and so on. Most workers from the Federal Government were off as well! DC was called a “ghost town” on a CNN News Broadcast this week,…

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Feb 05 2010

Snowpocalypse Part Deuce in DC

cialis 100mg price buy cialis black online cost of prednisolone valtrex 2000 mg At home, watching the second ‘big winter storm’ to hit DC this season, accumulate out my window. Beautiful. I’ve had 2 snow days this week, and I’m not trying to get home to family this go-round, so I WELCOME the snow! Anywho……

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Jan 08 2010

Beginning of the end…

I just finished my first week of teaching in the new year of 2010, and although I’m not quite back in the routine yet… I’m feeling the urgency to get it together as I approach the end of my second year in Teach for America. As I sit at the beginning of what will be…

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Dec 24 2009


can i buy valtrex at walmart can you order cialis online Hallelujah! I made it out of DC alive, and back to Oklahoma by Monday the 19th. Sitting in the family room in Tulsa on Christmas Eve right now- movie on, fire going, and sleeting snow. Christmas services have been canceled, but we are so…

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Dec 19 2009

I’ll be home (eventually) for Christmas…

prednisolone acetate ophthalmic suspension cost Yowzerz! Stupid winter blizzard came right at the WRONG time. I was scheduled to fly back to Oklahoma this morning, but last night got the first cancellation of my flight out of Dulles. Perfect. I shamelessly cried on the phone with the Southwest lady, trying to find something for Saturday,…

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Dec 13 2009

It’s that time of year…

best place to buy valtrex online does female cialis work cytotechnology generic cialis for sale online Yes- It is that time of year, when teachers and students alike anticipate being with their loved ones over the holiday break, and getting the time to relax, kick up their heels, and enjoy the blessings of good food…

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Nov 25 2009

Thanksgiving Break 2009

cheap cialis uk next day delivery Back in Richmond, VA with Great Uncle Bob & Aunt Mary for the second year in a row! I got a ride last night from a church friend, and am currently enjoying the quiet of their living room. It’s been a gray day here, but almost 60 degrees! As…

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Nov 20 2009

Surprising teachers!

One of the highlights from week 13 of my second year teaching, was surprising a 2nd grade teacher with a “Gratitude Wreath” that her students made in my class! I had her kids each draw a leaf on a piece of paper, write a thank you note on it, and then assemble all the leaves…

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Nov 04 2009


best place to purchase cialis online The CORE virtue at Hope this month is gratitude, meaning thankfulness. This virtue helps me keep perspective. This time of the year helps me keep perspective. There is much to be thankful for! I am one year and one quarter done! Things are only getting better. I live in…

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Oct 24 2009

Art Mentor Please!

fluoxetine and breastfeeding cytotec pfizer price cheap cialis brand If anyone knows of an AMAZING art teacher, working in the DC/Maryland/Virginia area, who has worked with MULTIPLE grade levels, please send them my way! I am enjoying this school year much more than last, and feel I’m getting better all the time, BUT I would…

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Oct 11 2009

Long Overdue!

Ok wow. Lots to say!! I have had 8 weeks of my second year of teaching, and it is (as stated earlier…) MUCH BETTER! There are many reasons for this: 1. I’m a second-year teacher. Nuf’ said. 2. We got a new FABULOUS Principal, who I spoke of in a previous post. I’m still a…

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Oct 07 2009

Update coming soon!!

I’m writing just to promise that an update will be coming SOON! I am into week 7 of the second year, and am almost to the end of the 1st Quarter (10 weeks)! WOW! There’s a lot to talk about, so I’m promising you (and holding myself accountable) that I will write a long blog…

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Aug 24 2009

First Day of School- Year Two

cialis online brand name buy cytotec over the counter fluoxetine 25 mg Things are looking up so far! The halls were quiet. Students walked in straight lines, with their hands behind their backs no less. I’m a fan of the new Behavior Matrix, the school-wide discipline plan, the morning/afternoon announcements, & the overall RESTRUCTURING of…

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Aug 14 2009

Back in DC for YEAR TWO!

I got into DC yesterday. Humidity hit me right off the plane – yay! haha. I must say, it is absolutely worse than Oklahoma’s humidity. Good news though, this is my second year teaching here, so I’ve got a much smaller list of “unknowns” ahead of me! Feeling really good about our new principal –…

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Jul 29 2009

Follow-Up to “Fired Up” and so on…

fluoxetine online kaufen buy cheap cialis super active ampicillin 875 mg order cialis online from india Ok, so just wanted to follow-up to two posts ago, when I was SUPER excited about doing a Rhythm of Art camp at my church back here in T-town: Basically, the camp went sooo smoothly, the kids loved learning…

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Jul 15 2009


online cialis usa cialis super active prezzo fluoxetine definition ampicillin stock Been home for three weeks now. Oh blessed summer! How I love thee. I am beginning to plan for YEAR TWO today, going over Core Knowledge curricula and DC Visual Art Standards. Already, it feels soooo good to already know a little bit more…

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Jul 08 2009


cialis quick delivery uk ampicillin dilution when will advair diskus go generic how good is cialis super active I have been home for two weeks now. I’ve spent a lot of quiet mornings to myself, laughed and caught up a lot with family and friends, enjoyed the pool in my parent’s backyard, all in re-learning…

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Jun 25 2009

Home Sweet Home

cheap advair diskus brand cialis Woke up in my parent’s new home in Tulsa this morning. It feels good to be home. Not gonna lie, this past week in DC, I had tears of sweet release or JOY a few times just thinking about ALL that God has done in my life as a first…

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Jun 18 2009

The Last of the First

brand name cialis online how long does cialis super active last cost of advair diskus without insurance ampicillin 100mg/ml Today was the last day of my first year of teaching! Wow! Quite a year it’s been… As our vice principal said, “in a typical school year, you “storm,” you “form,” and then you get the…

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