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I’m a Tulsa girl who picked up an art major from OU, got placed in DC in ’08 to teach special education to K-2 students, BUT…(the story continues) by the Grace of God, got moved to the art position at my charter school in DC (because the art teacher just happened to quit!) and ended up teaching art to preK-8th grade students from October of my first year until the end of my 2yr commitment with TFA in ’10! Wow- what a mouthful. I am now living/teaching in OKC, Okla-HOME-a! Yeehaw! I taught art last year at a charter school for K-5th grade, but am now teaching at a private, Christian school! Quite the spectrum of students, eh? God has given me such variety of teaching buy cialis bali you write my paper at ampicillin clavulanic acid purchase viagra with paypal experiences thus far. We’ll see what He has next! Enjoy reading!

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