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Jun 11 2012

Closin’ it down

We have officially moved to Salt Lake City! We arrived May 30th, and are still waiting for the movers to show up with our stuff.. eesh. It’s not been too bad, as we’ve had our trusty blow-up mattress, and belongings we’ve lived with for the past month with the in-laws. Hopefully our stuff will arrive THIS WEEK, since today is the deadline. ;)

Salt Lake is indeed beautiful! We have spent lots of time already at Liberty Park, and driven around Sugar House and the 9th and 9th area quite a bit. This past weekend, we spent time with Brandon’s family up in Jackson Hole- hiking around and relaxing. Brandon is beginning orientation on the 15th, then we head out to Zion National Park with the University of Utah that weekend, can’t wait! Residents and their ‘significants’ are invited to enjoy the beauty of Zion together, as a way of bonding everyone before the real work begins.

I’ve decided to find a new means of ‘blogging’ (check out my new art website, ) so this will be my last official post on this site- especially since I won’t be teaching full time this upcoming year. I’m currently looking for jobs with art and/or kids here in Salt Lake, but nothing has popped up yet! I know God has a perfect plan for me, ‘job’ or not!  :) Now, my main job is taking care of my hubby and our soon-arriving puppy, Okie May- a Bernese Mountain Dog! She comes home with us next month, and we can’t wait!!

Thanks to those of you who have read or commented on here. I hope this blog has been informational, encouraging, and interesting for you!

Signing off,

Emily Curley Geister

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