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Mar 19 2012

Springing into more changes in 2012!

Lots of updates again, since the last post in January…

#1. We are moving to Salt Lake City, Utah this summer for Brandon’s medical school residency program!!! We are super excited! We just found out this past Friday, March 16th! It was our number one choice, for many reason- the program training and schedule we liked best, his little bro is out there for graduate school, we love the mountains & various outdoor activities the city and state has to offer, K2 church is awesome, there are tons of parks and tons of dogs, beautiful & clean city, friendly people, and there’s straight flights back to OKC and Tulsa! We are excited about the next 3yrs. out there!

#2. We got our dream car on Saturday, St. Patty’s Day!- a Subaru Outback, in deep indigo blue! We are so thankful, and know we will get a TON of use out of it in SLC, with its All-Wheel-Drive, and space for a dog and baby (one day!) ;) Too bad the ‘luck of the Irish’ didn’t last on Sunday… when we got a huge nail in our front left tire… wah wah- Good news! Brandon knew how to fix a flat no problem, so I helped out by shining a flashlight where he needed it, haha. It was also good that he fixed it last night, because today has been POURING rain!

#3. Today is our ONE YEAR wedding anniversary! ;) It has been an incredible year! After getting married in March and settling down in our little apartment, we waited for me to finish the school year at SHA before leaving on our Hawaiian Honeymoon in June! What a blast! We enjoyed Maui & Kaui, and before going home, spent time with my sister in Vail, Co. I switched jobs to Crossings in the fall, and we became an Aunt & Uncle for the first time for Miss Ava Magnolia on October 11th. We enjoyed time with Brandon’s family for Thanksgiving, and time with the Curley side for Christmas, my Bday, & New Years! It’s crazy to think that we’ll be leaving for SLC in just under 3 months! If someone had told me we’d be moving there a year ago, no way would I have believed them! I am SO GLAD we are though- what an adventure! I will have lived in the Midwest (or South, as some say), the Northeast, and the Northwest! The Utah program might even give us the chance to go to Africa for a short time! ;) How cool would that be?

As for now, I’m giving thanks for the past year, and looking forward to another exciting chapter in His story of my life! ;) prednisone generic price cialis super active effetti order temovate cialis generic safety

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