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Jan 22 2012

Decisions, Hopes, Change

One month from today, Brandon (the hubby), will put down his (our) preferences for medical school residency! Whoa! We have been between Kansas City (KU program) and here (OKC/OU program), but… there’s been a recent ‘wrinkle’ in our decision-making… Salt Lake City! Brandon went up last weekend for an interview with Univ. of Utah, going MAINLY to see his bro, Nick, who is in grad. school up there. Surprisingly, Brandon LOVED the program, and everything else he experienced there! This coming weekend, I’ll go with him for a second trip to get a feel for the place. ;) I’m pretty pumped! I’ve never been there, and have always wanted to go! We are having the normal ebb and flow of emotion- sometimes feeling really peaceful about everything, knowing it will all work out- and sometimes getting freaked about all the ‘what-ifs’ of big changes. We know at our core, that God is going to direct our hearts and decisions, and that ultimately, He is in control of our future. How comforting!

I have started the spring semester at Crossings, and am currently preparing about 24 kiddos for a pre-Easter performance that will take place in April! God has laid it on my heart to direct a dance/dramatization to a worship song called “Break Every Chain,” by Will Reagan. Practices will start THIS WEEK! I’m excited to get this opportunity- and I feel a little more urgency to do it, and do it well, since I don’t know if I’ll be back next year… We shall see! As the title of this post states, many decisions ahead, lots of hopes in our hearts for the future, and big changes coming around the corner! One month ’til rank, and less than 2 months until we find out on MATCH DAY, where we’ll be for the next three years! May the peace of God rule in our hearts, during this exciting spring! cialis drug cost cialis super active preisvergleich buy cheap prednisone online temovate shipping

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