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Oct 11 2011

Fourth Year- The favorite number 4!

female cialis does it work forzest 20 mg side effects prednisone cialis viagra I am one and a half weeks away from the end of first quarter, in my FOURTH year teaching- craziness! It has literally been a whirlwind of transition in my life these last four years, INSIDE the classroom, and OUTSIDE the classroom. My last blog post stated a lot of the most recent changes… I’ll elaborate a little here on some of those…

For starters, teaching at a private, Christian school – specifically Crossings, has been a true blessing. I am reminded of Psalm 23 so often, because I really feel like God has taken me from the valley of the shadow of death my first few years teaching, into the greener pasture today. Even in those darkest times (read my EARLIEST posts to get a glimpse of my reality then…), God still provided for me, and never left me. Those two years in DC were so difficult, but so sweet. God pruned me down time and time again to remind me of my need for Him, to make me stronger in Him, and to prepare the way for this DEEP GRATITUDE I have now to be where I am. It is almost laughable in fact, to think on my situation my first year teaching, and to see it now! NIGHT and DAY. The best difference of all, is the FREEDOM to teach my faith!

The first success that God gave me this year, was in a project I did with 4th and 5th graders on Eph. 6:10-18 “Putting on the full armor of God.” Our mascot is the Knight, so each student was to draw a knight with armor in pencil, outline in sharpie, color it, add texture with puff paint and/or glitter, write the school song “I Will Stand” around the portrait, and attach a picture of their face to the knight! They turned out AWESOME! I was so proud of them, and really felt like God answered my prayers with this assignment on how to start the year! I had kids whose parents told me that their child who generally didn’t care for art, or didn’t think they were good at art, say that they learned how to draw and really felt like theirs was good! That’s HUGE to me! Thank you Lord!

In other news, my niece is due to arrive THIS WEEK! I am hoping she comes soon, so I can join the rest of my family in Tulsa! The hubby is already there, doing a rotation with my family doctor. ;) Needless to say, my substitute plans are lined up and ready to go! Come on little Ava Magnolia!!

As Brandon and I look towards the future, we realize some BIG decisions are not far off… as he’s currently in his FOURTH year of medical school, and MATCH DAY for residency is just 5 months away! We have narrowed down our “top” places to live during residency (not in any specific order) as OKC, Kansas City, and Denver. What’s funny, is that when I was narrowing down my cities for TFA, I had DC, Kansas City, and Denver on my list ;) I think I could be happy in any of those places! Really, wherever WE are, TOGETHER, is wonderful. (sorry to get all gushy on ya, but I realllly love my husband!) It makes me wonder if I’ll be teaching for a FIFTH year next year, or finally throwing myself out into the ‘art world!’ I go back and forth all the time with what I think I want… GOOD THING God knows what’s best, cuz I sure don’t! ;P If we stay here, it’d be pretty easy to stay at Crossings, stay at our current church, and keep moving forward with life in OK- many perks to this, but part of me wants the adventure of going away again! I don’t know if it’s part of how God’s made me, or if I have a problem sticking with the same ‘job’ or ‘routine’ for longer than four years…but it seems like every FOUR YEARS, there’s a big SHIFT in my life…

The #4 has ALWAYS been my favorite number…I loved fourth grade the best- I was #44 for four years in basketball- I graduated high school in 2004- graduated from OU after another four years- I have taught art for 4 years… ¬†Though this may seem silly and mindless chatter about the number 4, I always think about number symbolism, and how it’s the number of “completion.” There are four directions, four seasons, etc. Could this be my last year teaching? We shall see!

As for now, I’m going to enjoy this season of greener pastures. Thank you for this wonderful FOURTH YEAR Lord- what long-awaited respite for Brandon and me…FINALLY! ¬†*Sidenote: if you’re not in the greener pasture now friends, keep trusting! He won’t let go. Ever.

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