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Jan 25 2011

Half way through my 3rd year teaching art

propecia 1mg price cialis jelly sale sildenafil sublingual tablets cialis directions Hello again. I realized I hadn’t written anything since November…that’s what the holidays and preparing for a wedding will do to ya ;) …so I’m back! I was encouraged to find a few comments from people getting ready to teach art or getting into TFA. Thanks for writing! Sometimes you wonder if anyone is benefitting from your posts (other than yourself…), so YAY! Glad to know some of you are inspired by my experiences or have learned something from them. That should be the purpose of filling space on the internet right?

In recent news- it’s a NEW YEAR! Sweet! Happy 2011 everyone! We are just under 55 days until the wedding, and showers have begun! I can’t wait to change my name and confuse all my students ;) haha

In recent art classroom news, these are my ideas laid out for 3rd quarter…. ¬†Overarching theme “Watch Me Grow!”….artist to be studied: Claude Monet. Students in K-5 worked on a still life their first couple weeks back from break, and I was impressed with many of them! A few kiddos came out of the woodwork and displayed technical skills I didn’t know they had! That’s always a bonus ;)

I am currently collaborating with kindergarten on their day & night theme by doing a warm/cool color collage. Tomorrow I am going to experiment with them on doing an easier version of a tempera batik. We will fold construction paper in half, draw a day scene on the right side with chalk & a night scene on the left with chalk. Students will paint inside the chalk lines and let dry. Once dry, wipe off the chalk so there are lines in between their painting, and cover the right “day” side with blue ink, and the “night” side on the left with black ink. Hope it turns out as cool as I’ve seen it done! With 5 and 6 year olds…. you never know what you might get ;) One of my kindergartners has an imaginary snake named “Snakey,” enough said right?

In collaboration with 1st grade’s “plants” unit, kids are making a mixed media plant collage! They are kinda good so far! Students first draw plants with pencil and label the parts “roots, stem, leaf, flower, fruit,” followed by collage with yarn, beans, pom poms, textured paper, and anything else that would be great for this project. I have high hopes for this one.

2nd grade is getting ready to do a “textured landscape,” also using mixed media for a collage. They are learning about cultures in their homerooms, so my desire is for them to see how different topography and landscapes impact the cultures of their people- what they wear, eat, and what type of shelter they have.

3rd grade needs to work on their fractions, so we’ll do a drawing where I tell them to put certain lines or colors in HALF of the drawing or a FOURTH of the paper… etc. You get the picture I think ;) If you don’t… review your fractions!

4th grade is doing medieval age stuff so we’ll first learn how to hone our 3D form drawing skills, and then we’ll see if they can draw a medieval castle in 3D style with correct perspective!

5th graders need to know the difference between a pyramid and a prism, so I may review this once more with them before moving onto Claude Monet-based projects.

I’ve tried to plan out all of 3rd quarter since this is WEDDING CRUNCH TIME. I know God will help me to get all that I need to get done DONE, and that I don’t need to worry or be anxious about anything! He is Sovereign, He is Faithful, He is good. My hope is that these lessons help our kids make connections with what they’re learning in homeroom, but even more, they learn some life lessons in patience, perseverance, & other good things! I know God is teaching me these life lessons as well. I am pumped to be half way through my 3rd year teaching art- I can’t believe how far I’ve come and I am looking forward to next year (most likely my last year), and what God seems to be stirring in me for my future…. he he, ciao!

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