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Nov 19 2010

Seasons of Love/Creativity World Forum

I am currently incorporating the classic song “Seasons of Love” from the Broadway hit- RENT- into classroom art projects for Kindergarten, 2nd, & 3rd grade. Here’s a few details…

Kinders have “sing & paint” as a grade level theme this winter, so I’ve decided to have them paint pictures that illustrate the lyrics to “Seasons of Love.” The display will showcase things like “daylights, sunsets, midnights, & (that’s right…) cups of coffee…” other pictures will include drawings of those they love and hold dear, along with clocks, rulers, & roads to depict the measuring of time, space, & journeys in a year. I hope it turns out as cute as  I see it in my head! ;)

2nd & propecia 1mg online 3rd grade will be creating a “community quilt” by painting their own square of canvas, also illustrating the lyrics from “Seasons of Love.” All of their squares will be stitched together and hung in our school’s art hallway (<so nice to have one of these! All schools really should have a designated space for the artwork to be displayed!).

In other grades, my 1st graders were quite successful with their community career uniforms- created on 8×12 inch paper, using crayons, sharpies, & watercolor. The uniforms could be any chosen career, drawn from only the neck down to about the hips. I need to start uploading pics…. coming soon I hope!

4th & 5th grade will be replicating four different paintings from Jacob Lawrence’s Migration Series. Each will paint one section of the painting, so that it is a collaborative “community” effort!

In the midst of projects, I’m working on a wintery landscape mural online pharmacy Swedendiscount code 5%:_879981online pharmacy Portugal for our Holiday Show next month. This thing covers the whole back wall of the cafeteria…quite an undertaking… wish me luck!

Changing subjects- I got to attend the Creativity World Forum, hosted right here in OKC! I went to one day of session on Wednesday, and was very inspired by the ideas, technology, & performances shared by students, professors, artists, genius minds, etc from ALL OVER THE WORLD! Why in Oklahoma City you ask? You got me! This is the first time that the CWF was in America though! BIG DEAL apparently.I was so encouraged by the discussions on how to cultivate creativity & why it’s important for our future. It was also encouraging to see people from Oklahoma and OUTSIDE Oklahoma, take our state so seriously on the grounds of creativity! It has definitely helped to boost my own state cialis jelly pride. Yeehaw!

On a personal note, tomorrow is the 4-months-away-from-our-wedding mark for me & my fiance, Brandon!!! Hooray! We’ll be going to Tulsa to be with my fam & knock some more stuff out.

Although this time can be crazy price cialis jelly busy & emotional, I am so thankful for all the blessings of family, friends, a job that lets me use my gifts & talents, & most of all, a God who loves & accepts me as I am…. a work in progress. Amen!

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  1. Carrie

    I’m not sure if comments are read or not, but I am coming to Baltimore in January to interview for a potential interview in an area school as an art educator. I’m finishing my Masters in Art Ed and I have followed your blog since I applied to TFA. I’m waiting to hear back on Jan. 18th. (I’m interviewing for something different in January) Anyways, I would so love to visit you & your classroom while I’m there if that is something that could be arranged. (It would also inform my thesis research). And if not, that’s quite alright, too. :-) I love what you’re doing to promote art there–it’s such an important factor for our students! My e-mail address is Thanks so much!

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