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Aug 05 2010

School Planning & Wedding Planning!!!

cialis 5mg price walmart propecia 1 mg for sale cialis black box warning online avana price canada School starts in a week for me (AHHH!), so I’m spending time doing my first round of lesson plans and organizing my new art classroom for K-5 kiddos! ¬†Exciting, but lends itself towards some anxiety…. I’m trying to remember a little phrase my Grandmother sent me in an email today that said “I AM TOO BLESSED TO BE STRESSED!” Amen Grandmother Gwen! ;) I’ll keep it in the forefront.

As for EVEN MORE EXCITING NEWS… I’M ENGAGED! Brandon proposed on Tuesday evening, July 20th, 2010 on the biking/running trail behind my parent’s house in Tulsa, OK. I was completely shocked, as I’d been telling everyone that he probably wouldn’t propose until Christmas time, and in HIS mind, he didn’t want to wait any later than Thanksgiving! Ha! I love it. We are getting married on Saturday, March 19th, 2011 in Tulsa, OK. The wedding planning has already begun, and we’ve got our date, the church, an officiant, most of our wedding party confirmed, a rehearsal dinner spot, (pretty much a reception place…still talkin’ some details out there), my dress, our colors, and possible cake and flower ideas! Praise to God for giving us time to work some of these things out before I start school, and the busyness of fall begins!

My curriculum for art this school year will be based on “themes” for each quarter, which will result in long-term projects for each grade level. Short-term projects will be created from the core subject curriculum for each grade, and showcased outside their individual classrooms. For example, if my theme for quarter 1 is “All About Me,” with an emphasis on Picasso, I will showcase long-term art projects at the end of the quarter in my “art hallway” that might look like a Picasso-style self portrait. One of the short-term projects from 5th grade may have to do with landforms, so we may draw specific landforms in art ,which will then be displayed outside their own classroom! I use the OK Pass Skills as foundation for the lessons, and tie them in with my own themes and goals.

Wish me luck in all this planning! More to come…

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  1. G

    How did you get so lucky as to get an art/music placement…I wish!

    Hope your wedding planning is going well!!

    • curley-girly

      I actually DIDN’T get an art/music placement. It was the grace of God! I was a Studio Art major, was sent to DC to teach special ed via TFA, and low and behold…. one week before school started, our art teacher QUIT! Who had the qualifications…. THIS GIRL! After 10 weeks of doing special ed for k-2, my school in DC found someone with a masters in SpEd and moved me to art! Great thing, also tough cookies. I taught preK-8th grade and had 430 students. Eesh. I’m going to teach one more year, and move on. I miss making my own art too much. Good luck to you!

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