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Jul 18 2010

Official OKC Resident

I moved to my new apartment in OKC this past Monday, and am liking the new life thus far! ;) Family is just an hour and a half away, boyfriend is just 15min or so away, and my roomie Erin is super sweet. Thank you Lord! My drive to my new school is only about 5-10 minutes away, and because I’m by the highway, I can get most places pretty quick!! Driving you ask? Yup! I have my car again! The good ole’ Honda Civic is still serving me well! I’m SOO glad I left it in OK while I was in DC…that is NOT a fun place to have a car, much less a necessary place to have a car! I actually miss being able to walk everywhere though… not to mention, Eastern Market! Man! That place is so awesome… but nothing tops living by the people you love most!

Some of the highlights since I’ve moved to OKC this past (almost) week:

*Mom driving down to OKC to help me move in and get settled at home and in my new art classroom! Love you! And getting her to FINALLY meet Brandon’s Mom! What a fun lunch with the three of us!

*Working out with Brandon, cooking dinner with Brandon, eating out with Brandon, listening to live music with Brandon, riding bikes around Hefner Lake with Brandon, and just anytime I get FACE-TO-FACE with Brandon!!! (Can you tell I’m happy that long-distance is over??)

*Driving around and exploring OKC in between my numerous Super Target runs ;) and decorating my new place!

Thank you Lord for your Presence, your people, and your provision. YOU are the primary source of my Joy & every good thing. Praise to the One who gives and takes away. May we ever Praise Him! avana shipping cialis ed cialis black australia propecia buy online canada

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