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Jun 04 2010

Coming to a Close

price cialis black cialis 15 mg generic propecia us yasmin birth control Just last night, I was “inducted” as an official Teach for America Alum. In 5 more days of teaching, and 10 more days altogether, I will be back in Oklahoma.

Lots to process here.

It’s bittersweet of course, and weird (for lack of better word), to know that I’m packing up my life in DC, and only returning once and awhile to visit and “tour.”

I have made some amazing relationships here in the past two years! Most difficult to leave behind will be my close coworkers, students, parents from Hope, and all those whom I call “my Church” at Advent. God has blessed me over and over with the people He knows I need, at just the time I need them. Thank you Father.

In this season of my life (aka: the two most difficult years thus far), I have had an EXTREME learning curve in pretty much all areas of my life. Spiritually, the thing that stands out to me the MOST is simply- my need for God. During these past two years, I awoke quite regularly saying “Lord, help me! Lord, go before me! Lord, I need you!” This was hard, but it was so, so good. This is something I feel Christians say a LOT… “it was hard, but it was good.” Though redundant, it has some truth. Now I must say, I don’t think God always teaches through difficulty, as He delights in revealing Himself through beauty, Creation, people, etc- but TRIALS and HARDSHIP are one of the ways He delights in refining us best! Let’s just say, I feel that God has turned up the HEAT in His refining process the last two years. He never allowed me to get burned or scorched to death, but He made me pretty uncomfortable and desperate for His help! The GREAT NEWS is, He was mighty to save me out of each difficulty at home, at school, and within me! Even though there was a moment where I really questioned “where are you God?” for the first time in my personal life, I saw that He never left me, He never abandoned me. After clinging and clinging (not always perfectly), God began to provide community, healthy relationships, success and fruit at work, a future job, a future home, ALL the desires of my heart!

Though I will write more later to fully CONCLUDE my time in DC, I’d like to just say I am SO EXCITED for the next chapter of life that God has prepared for me back in Oklahoma!!! Yeehaw! ;)

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