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Apr 17 2010

Spring 2010 Has Arrived!

valtrex for canker sores buy cialis overnight shipping cialis oral jelly uk prednisolone 5mg side effects Post below written about March 20th:
This past Saturday was the most glorious, sun-shining day in DC- and it just happened to be the first day of spring! I got outside for one of my runs down the National Mall, and passed by loads of Spring Breakers enjoying the beauty of the day. I love people watching on the Mall as I run, so I try to soak it all in, knowing that I will truly miss the color and culture that DC has to offer.

Post below written about events from the past month, leading up to today- Saturday, April 17th:
It is true. DC is truly GLORIOUS in the spring! Since the March 20th post, a LOT has been happening!! Let me catch you up to speed…

My boyfriend came in town for his spring break, and got to come to school with me for the WHOLE day! ;) Some of his little buddies that he made from the fall remembered him and were so excited to see “Mr. B” again! We had the shared joy/pain of taking care of 2nd graders for an extended time on Friday, reading “Charlie & the Chocolate Factory” and breaking up little tiffs here and there. (mainly MY job, haha- he was an incredible and EXPRESSIVE reader to the kiddos though! Thanks babe!) Having him here helped to break up March, as spring arrives, and works gets more difficult to do as you desire to play outside!!!

During the last week of March, I went home to Oklahoma, to not only spend Holy Week and time with my family, but to interview at the school in OKC that I’d like to work at next year! It is called Stanley Hupfield Western Village Academy. It is an inner-city public charter school for PreK-5th grade students. They are in their 11th or 12th year, and have made AMAZING improvements and gains since their difficult onset. Props to Principal Brinson and the staff who have worked so diligently to truly close the achievement gap across racial and socioeconomic lines! It is not a Teach for America placement school (as OKC does NOT yet have Teach for America), but it very well could have been in its early stages. Every child in the school has a mentor, and arts-based learning is HUGE to their curriculum. (Obviously, I love that!)

My interview went great! I showed them a slideshow of artwork- both student work and my own work as an artist- toured the school, met staff, and stayed for over an hour and a half! I’m now in the waiting stage, as I’ve sent in all my paperwork and recommendations. Please pray for me and cross your fingers!!! I REALLY want this job as the K-5 art teacher! I’ll absolutely follow-up in my blog if I get it! ;)

While in OKC on Spring Break, I also looked at a super cheap apartment, which would work out pretty great in location to Western Village. Rent in DC has kept me from saving a whole lot, so I look forward to that part of the deal…although I will realllly miss my home in Eastern Market. Wow- what a place! It has proven to be BY far my favorite location in DC. Thank you Lord for your continual provision. I trust He will continue to provide a home and a job, even if it’s not what I think or expect it to be ;) I mean… I was SUPPOSE to teach Special Ed. with my TFA placement, but God knew the true desire of my heart, my passion, and talent was ART! Low and behold- it was pretty much handed to me, without me even asking!! Remember- for those of you reading: God wants better for us, than we want for ourselves.

Back to events over the past month: I got to dance and sing at my church in DC for Easter Vigil and Easter. (Easter Vigil is a Saturday night before Easter service that Anglicans do- it was my first time! Pretty awesome! ps: I’m from a Methodist, Non-Denominational background, so this is my first run in an Anglican church. It’s been cool to see how the Body of Christ worships in different ways throughout all denominations. I have been blessed to see that in my attendance of different churches. I think that as Christians- we must remember that we’re all on the same team. Our subtle differences can create disunity, which is not what the Lord desires. Give us one heart and one mind O Lord!)

Ok back on track…haha, I have to preach sometimes. Forgive me ;) I am super pumped to say that I am in my last quarter of school, with only 8 weeks of teaching before I move!! Next week is DC-CAS standardized testing, so I will be proctoring for 4th graders in the morning, and teaching just 2 classes in the afternoon. The REAL run to the finish line will be after the testing is over! I am in charge of our Spring Exhibition of Student Work on May 27th. We will showcase student classwork and artwork in a “gallery-style” format. Families and community members will be invited. This will be my last “hurrah” at Hope, and I hope and pray it is AWESOME! After that is all said and done, I will have my TFA Alumni Induction the next week, and the week after that, I will be moving back to Oklahoma!!

Here’s to 8 more Mondays (make the 7 because Memorial Day we have off!). God go before me! More to come later, as I wrap up this blog on my “Adventures in DC.” OKLAHOMA HERE I COME!

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