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Apr 17 2010

Duke Ellington High School

prednisolone liquid valtrex weight gain cialis jaw pain cialis sublingual order Oh my goodness! I completely forgot to mention this in the post I just wrote, but it deserves it’s own chapter…
I got to go to Duke Ellington High School on last Friday with one of my 8th grade girls who JUST GOT ACCEPTED to Duke Ellington High School’s Visual Arts program for next year!! I helped her with her portfolio, and I am soooo proud of her! We went after school with the family of the young man that I helped get in last year!! He had an art show in the 9th-11th grade Spring Exhibition, and so it was a huge deal to see him doing well, and for this new young lady to get a taste of what to expect next year!!! As an art teacher, these children are what I would call two of my success stories. They both have the talent and the drive to do well in art, and not only that, they are respectful and humble. It OVERJOYED my heart to see the studio space and materials at this school!!! The rooms were the size of my college art studios, and the SKILL that these students knock out is also pretty incredible! Fair to say, I wish I had gone to a high school like Duke Ellington when I was their age. Who knows where my own abilities would be with that extra training as a teen! WOW! Keep rockin’ it Duke Ellington H.S.! Take care of my babies. ;)

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