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Feb 27 2010

I can taste it! Spring & other good thangs…

valtrex directions prednisolone croup cialis sublingual without prescription cialis 3 day pill Spring is just around the corner… I can taste it!
My good friend, Caroline Bickley, who is a Kindergarten teacher at my school, a fellow Teach for America corps member, and my carpool, is about to go enjoy the sunshine with me, now that DC has finally recovered from all the snow! We’re going to run to the Lincoln Memorial from Eastern Market, and enjoy being done with what was our 25th week of school, and our Regional PD (which was earlier today). I am going to really try and soak up all these opportunities, like running down the National Mall whenever I want, before I leave come June 12th or 13th. How crazy that we only have 16 more weeks of school! (I actually only have 14, since I’ll be moving before the year is over for my best friend’s wedding!! Crazy!)

On another positive note: The Regional PD we had today was also inspiring! Some of our teachers across our three Imagine School Charter Schools: Hope Community Tolson Campus (mine), Hope Community Lamond, and DC Southeast, have made some awesome gains in reading and math!! The daunting news, was that many of our kids are still soooo far behind! Myself, and the other Specials teachers, decided to partner with the fourth grade teacher at our school for the month of March, in preparing students for the DC-CAS Standardized Test. We will be implementing math into our Art, Music, PE, Spanish, & Sign Language class times before students take their tests in April. We hope our plan proves to be fruitful!!

I was also extremely honored and surprised when they called out my name among the names of about five staff members from all three campuses who were chosen by other staff members for modeling our Shared Values of “Integrity, Justice, & Fun!” I received a certificate and a $50 Target gift card!! How nice!! These little incentives truly go a long way in making a teacher feel appreciated. There are those days where you think your job is thankless… but the important thing to remember is that regardless of if we are recognized, appreciated, or awarded for our efforts in this life- Our students NEED us, and there is no profession, more rewarding than getting to “shape the hearts and minds” of children (quote taken from our Imagine School’s Mission Statement). I may have used this quote in previous blog entries, but I’ll use it again because I love it so much:

“A teacher affects eternity; they can never tell where their influence stops.” Henry Adams

Also in closing, I must say that no good is in me apart from Christ, the Master Teacher. His influence is what has shaped me into who I am today, and into the teacher I am today. He is what I aspire to be like. To Him be all glory & praise! Amen

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