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Feb 05 2010

Snowpocalypse Part Deuce in DC

cialis 100mg price buy cialis black online cost of prednisolone valtrex 2000 mg At home, watching the second ‘big winter storm’ to hit DC this season, accumulate out my window. Beautiful. I’ve had 2 snow days this week, and I’m not trying to get home to family this go-round, so I WELCOME the snow! ;) Anywho…
I was reading over my last entry, and I wanted to include a Winston Churchill quote that one of my old collage friends had on their gmail status a few weeks ago. It ties in perfectly, stating: “Success is not final, failure is not fatal; it is the courage to continue that counts.”
Walking in that truth, I am approaching this last semester with COURAGE. Our winter exhibition, which was January 25-29th, was a little bit of success and failure. I was successful in hanging close to 400 works for students all around the walls of our school, and spending about 20 hours of my life preparing and finishing all the other ‘aesthetic’ details of the exhibition, but I failed in delegating. I’ve decided that for the next exhibition (which will be May 13th), I shall hereby have a COMMITTEE of people to help!!! Hold me to it.
Asking for help is easy for me in some areas, but when it comes to ‘artistic vision,’ I am at a loss. It’s sort of like asking someone to help me pack… you feel me? I run the risk of asking for help, but then feeling like a “B” because I don’t like the way the person is “helping” and I end up re-doing it all anyways… lol. Problem. I’ll try to move forward with courage, and better delegation.
In other news, I found a school in OKC that I reallly want, called Western Village Academy. It’s a K-5 innercity charter school. Pray I get it! I’ll keep you posted… For now, enjoy the snow & stay warm and safe all you Northeasterners!

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