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Dec 19 2009

I’ll be home (eventually) for Christmas…

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Yowzerz! Stupid winter blizzard came right at the WRONG time. I was scheduled to fly back to Oklahoma this morning, but last night got the first cancellation of my flight out of Dulles. Perfect. I shamelessly cried on the phone with the Southwest lady, trying to find something for Saturday, but when I couldn’t, I found another flight out of BWI -Baltimore! With high hopes, I had an amazing co-worker, Beth Brodersen, agree to drive me there. We left my house this morning at about 9 AM in the ridiculous snow, and arrived to Dulles by 10:30 AM with only a few minor skids here and there. Hooray! I got in the line to check my bags, then found out that this particular flight was also canceled!! Booooo. Plan C… United found me a flight from Dulles to Tulsa no earlier than Monday. Done. You think this is the end of the story but.. Oh no… it gets better! haha..On the journey home… cialis price in bangladesh cialis super active vs viagra super active cost of valtrex generic
Brodersen and I leave around noon and head back to DC in the snow that is STILL FALLING (after reports that it would stop… right), and did not get back until almost 4 FRICKIN 30! Normal drive is 30 minutes, or 1 hour in traffic. Crazy face. Best parts of the journey home: we got stuck for about an hour on an exit ramp…her back tires couldn’t get traction and we were sliding all around….about 10 people (including me) got out and pushed on the car while she put pedal to the metal (THANK YOU STRANGERS FOR YOUR HELP!)….a truck tried to literally push her up the ramp, no luck …but we did break his license plate partly… she finally took off and so I ran in the snow to catch up with the car before we got back on the highway… later on, we got stuck in a traffic jam that literally DID NOT MOVE for about an hour on a road called “Good Luck Road,” …how ironic. haha …so overall- Great day. Good news though, we are alive and well, and will (hopefully) be home (eventually) for Christmas!
Praise God from whom all blessings flow, praise Him even for crazy snow, praise Him above yee Heavenly Host, Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. Amen.

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