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Dec 13 2009

It’s that time of year…

best place to buy valtrex online does female cialis work cytotechnology generic cialis for sale online Yes- It is that time of year, when teachers and students alike anticipate being with their loved ones over the holiday break, and getting the time to relax, kick up their heels, and enjoy the blessings of good food and fun! I have less than a week left until I join my family and friends back in Oklahoma for a celebration of togetherness, catching up, remembering the birth of our Savior, the birth of yours truly…haha, and bringing in a New Year! I canNot WAIT! The countdown is finally drawing near, and my perseverance is growing slim…. I am so ready for this long-awaited break! Yeeeeeah!
In the art classroom, students have been busy drawing and painting their family portraits! I want to showcase some of their art in January when we have a Fall Exhibition of student work. I thought it would be special (and possibly eye-opening) for families who come through the school that week of Jan. 11-15th to see how their child chose to illustrate their family. Some of the things that have come up in this process, are students sharing with me about their separated or divorced parents, their absentee parents, their incarcerated family members, and their family members who have passed on. Students have found interesting ways to include all of those whom they love, whether alive, deceased, absent, or present in their lives, within their family portraits. Some have actually drawn a line of separation between the family; some have put their angel-like ancestors in the clouds; and some have put all of them ideally together and at peace, despite the conflicts there.
I hope that this special time of the year, when we gather together with our families, we give ourselves time to ponder and think on how grateful we are to have had those whom we loved in our lives, even for a short time, and to not forget to show our gratitude towards those whom we love and hold dear at this present time in our lives.
Life is short, but sweet for certain. Make the most of it this time of year!

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