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Nov 25 2009

Thanksgiving Break 2009

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Back in Richmond, VA with Great Uncle Bob & Aunt Mary for the second year in a row! I got a ride last night from a church friend, and am currently enjoying the quiet of their living room. It’s been a gray day here, but almost 60 degrees! As soon as I’m done writing, I’ll probably go on a run to enjoy the fresh air, and the views in their densely wooded neighborhood ;) Their son’s family arrives tomorrow for the official Turkey Day celebration, and I will once again be the random second-cousin, haha. No problems there though. I will get to see my family and Brandon at Christmas, in just 3 weeks!!!
Time here is sweet, but it’s good to not be sooo desperate as I was last year for a break. Still very thankful to have one though, and still much-needed. Hang in there, all you first-year TFAers, and those of you getting ready to join the core next year! It gets easier, I promise!
I’ve done a little lesson-planning, and still need to finish some grading… but for now I need to get outside & give thanks for TIME OFF! Don’t feel guilty. Enjoy the gifts that are given. Peace!

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