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Nov 20 2009

Surprising teachers!

One of the highlights from week 13 of my second year teaching, was surprising a 2nd grade teacher with a “Gratitude Wreath” that her students made in my class! I had her kids each draw a leaf on a piece of paper, write a thank you note on it, and then assemble all the leaves together onto a big, circular piece of cardboard. Simple stuff that made a big impact. When I hung the wreath outside her door that afternoon, I came into the room to ask her to quickly come out and see something on the wall. (Her kids were all in on it, haha, so they started squirming around and squealing in their seats!) I also got the pleasant surprise, when she started to cry happy tears upon seeing it!! ;) She said “Thank you Ms. Curley! I really needed that! I can’t let them see me cry, they need to think I’m big and tough!” haha, I said “Aw, you’re welcome, and I think it’s okay if they see you cry.” When she came in, the kids yelled “SURPRISE! WE LOVE YOU!” Some kids whispered to each other “She’s crying!” It was really cute. Moments like these make my job worthwhile. Art should bring JOY, and lift the spirit!! Of course, art isn’t limited to these two means, but they are two of the most crucial in a world which needs a little “pick-me-up” most days. Spread the love around. Show appreciation. You never know when someone might need it the most. I hope you are pleasantly surprised by the act of giving this holiday season ;) cytotec uses female taking cialis generic cialis in mexico valacyclovir valtrex price

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  1. Wow! What a wonderfully considerate gesture on your part.

    I can only hope that as I begin my TFA journey 1) I will be surrounded and supported by teachers such as yourself, and 2) I can remember to exhibit such unabandoned selflessness in my interactions with others. This is important because as you have said, “you never know when someone might need it most.”

    Bless you and happy Thanksgiving!

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