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Aug 14 2009

Back in DC for YEAR TWO!

I got into DC yesterday. Humidity hit me right off the plane – yay! haha. I must say, it is absolutely worse than Oklahoma’s humidity. Good news though, this is my second year teaching here, so I’ve got a much smaller list of “unknowns” ahead of me! Feeling really good about our new principal – I haven’t met her yet, but hear she is INTENSE, experienced, super approachable, and nice! ;) I like all these things. Other good news: I have my same room! (Praise the Lord! It would have been annoying to move alllllll the art supplies upstairs…), I have a longer planning period (Praise the Lord AGAIN!), middle school is not at the end of the day anymore, but rather around noon (Hooray!!!), and maybe best of all… I get a walkie talkie to do drop-off and pick-up duty!… Don’t mess with me. haha
Went up to school today to begin setting up, and going again tomorrow. It was great to reunite with old teachers, but one really great part of the day was when I walked into Dance Place just down the block from our school. I went in to pick up the Fall Class Schedule, when I heard two of my 4th grade girls from last year yell “MS. CURLEY!!” They were attending a summer workshop dance party, complete with sweets and nail-painting, haha. One girl won’t be at Hope, but the other who will be there asked me if I would still be the art teacher. In response to my “yes,” she gave me a very girly, squeal of “YESSSS!” ;) Makes one feel good.
In other news, excited to live with all my same roomies, continue attending Advent, and taking yoga/dance classes. Did I mention I’ll be taking more time to do ART on my own this year? Even though I’m the “art teacher,” I identify first as an artist, and need to continue honing my skillllz… because I identify FIRST AND FOREMOST as a child of God with a passion for art. It would be irresponsible to waste what is in my heART and in my power to glorify God. Writing this now even makes me accountable to actually following through with this claim… let’s hope (with God’s help and grace) I do! Check back in a little bit…
ps: in-service all next week. kiddos arrive on the 24th!!! (and Brandon comes a month later!!! yahoo!) ;) so excited! buy cialis reviews buy cytotec canada fluoxetine sale order cialis black

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