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Nov 20 2008

4 outta 5 ain’t bad- but not good enough!

cialis knee pain buy clomid discount cytotec induction of labor cialis black 20mg Tuesday of this week was one of the hardest days with my middle school boys YET!
I almost cried during class…
DEFINITELY cried after they left.
Without going into detail, I didn’t know teaching art to 8th grade boys would be so difficult. (so the story of teaching any subject goes…)
THE GOOD NEWS IS- I had four really great classes before them, so I figure that four out of five ain’t too bad! Being a bit of a perfectionist/idealist though, I am not content with that. I want all five outta five please! ;)
Since this rough patch on Tuesday, I’ve had time to prepare for today (Thursday), which went so much better. Partly, I met with my vice principal to discuss difficulties and strategize ways to improve classroom culture and discipline AND I had her come as a “guest artist” today while the boys did a 15 minute sketch of the person sitting across from them. This went pretty well, and the boys even asked if they could present their drawings to the class! Not bad, not bad. (although we still need to work on being respectful to all…just one mountain at a time I remind myself…)
After this, the boys continued to work on their individual 11×11 inch squares that will fit together to create a large 66 x 99 inch mural that all middle school art classes are working on. My hope is that when they’re finished and it hangs in the school, we could get Obama himself to make a school visit and see the mural firsthand! I’m going to write a letter to his administration. More to come…

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