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Oct 13 2008

Almost the end of a quarter…

So…I haven’t written in a month- my apologies.
It has been a busy one, as the end of first quarter approaches.
This past month, I’ve continued to teach special education to the K-2 kiddos, but PRAISE BE TO GOD because this past week, our new special ed. teacher came on board! Her name is Ms. Haileab and she’s a baller. Has a Masters in SpEd from UVA, so obviously is more qualified than myself… lol. But I got to meet her on Wednesday, hand off a ton of documents/files, and had her shadow me on Thursday & Friday. The best part about the timing of this transition, is that she got to come with me and all the kiddos she’ll be case-managing on a field trip to Butler’s Orchard!! What a great way to have the kids warm up to her by doing something fun right off the bat ;) We went on a hayride, picked a pumpkin from the pumpkin patch, fed farm animals, and did other random games that were provided for us. So fun!
Other exciting news, is that I’ll begin teaching art to middle school this week! I’ll maintain the special ed. schedule in the morning with Ms. Haileab, but take over art in the afternoon. The following week, our transition will be complete and I will be FULLY in the art room!! WAHOO! The Lord’s timetable on this one was a little strung out, but once again, I think it’s worked out for the best this way.
In the past month, I’ve also taken on the position as Assistant Dance Coach for our 6-8th grade girls! The coolest thing we have coming up, is that our girls will get to perform at a Redskins halftime game this coming weekend! (Sorry it won’t be televised…) ;( The opportunity was given to us as one of our PreK teachers is a Redskins cheerleader! Needless to say, when we told the girls they were going to get to do this.. they FREAKED! LOL I couldn’t stop laughing because their faces were so intense. One girl was about to cry she was so happy! I’ll try to write more about this in the coming week…
But all to say, I’m really excited about the approaching season with art back in my life full-time, getting to coach dance again (as I’ve missed this aspect of my life as well…), and looking forward to Thanksgiving break!
I’ll also mention, apart from the school stuff- I am so thankful to be living with 3 amazing women, also doing TFA. We have grown close as a “family” with dinners together once a week, CostCo trips, market visits, etc.
And in addition, I am blessed with an incredible best friend/boyfriend who has been an additional support and encouragement for me out on the east side. ;)
God continues to provide. In these uncertain and “unstable” times in America and around the world, let us keep trusting in Him. Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, and give thanks in all circumstances- 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18. cheap cialis prices cialis oral jelly opinie ampicillin drug card doxycycline costco

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