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Jun 16 2008

One Week!

I cannot believe I have just one week left at home before I begin my adventures in DC! I’m currently soakin’ up time with family and friends in Oklahoma, and experiencing every emotion imaginable… Good news> I already know where I’m living, and who my roommates will be! I should be settled-in around the first week of August (after Induction and Institute training in Philly is over) with three amazing girls, who are also incoming corps members! I’m still waiting (along with most new TFAers) to be “placed” in a DC school for special education. Special Education? In DC? Some might be confused and surprised by all of this…I understand. That’s because my degree is a B.F.A. in painting and art history, and I’ve only been to DC twice (the first time in October ’07, and again this past April!>ps: the cherry blossoms really are beautiful!). Needless to say, I have much to learn. Right now I’m trying to disassemble my easel so it will be more compact when it comes time to move it to DC…Oy. I’m hoping to partake in a little art therapy for myself on occasion, so the more art supplies I can bring with me, the better! On the other hand, I’m trying to downsize everything else I might need. I figure my life is about to become pretty chaotic with all these transitions and life-altering experiences, so simple is the way to go. ;) Welp, I better get back to this easel…
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  1. Lauren

    Hey there! I’m a NYC 08 corps member, and I was also an art history major. Now I’ll be teaching elementary! I’m hoping to put a little art education in my curriculum though :)

  2. curley-girly

    Lauren! that is so awesome! My major was actually painting and just my minor was in art history, but i’m hoping to incorporate the ARTS as much as i can into the special education curriculum! still waiting to find out what school and what grade level, but my hopes are on elementary ;) have fun in NYC!

  3. Chris Kee

    Hey girl! I just got an email from grandma with this site so I had to check it out! Perfect time too, im sitting in bed with my iphone after getting my wisdom teeth removed a few hours ago so im trying to make sure that i actually make sense during this lol! I know that we are all so proud of you and hope for the best. I know this will be quite an adventure and I honestly can’t wait to hear about it as you go! I look up to you a lot because you have a firm foundation on what you want to do, and just hearing that the pieces are coming together like this makes me so happy for you! Now keep us all posted on the news as you go! We love you and I’ll be praying for ya girl! GOOD LUCK!!!
    -from the coolest cousin!

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